Benefits Of A Sugar Free Diet – Keeping Yourself Away From Sugar-related Issues

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Sugar or sweet condiments are immensely popular. However, sugar seems to have a bitter-sweet relation with our health. Most of the food we eat has natural sugars in them. So, adding more sugar is nothing but adding empty calories. Let us now check out the risk factors associated with excess sugar consumption and the benefits of a sugar free diet.

Healthy and Unhealthy Sugar

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We know that sugar occurs naturally in foods rich in carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables, dairy, rice, and pulses. Consuming these in our daily meals provides the right amount of sugar required for the body. The body converts this sugar into glucose which gives us energy. Therefore, having wholesome meals that provide the right amount of glucose to the body is safe. What is unsafe, or rather, unhealthy? It is the refined sugar that we consume.

Refined sugar is granulated sugar, also called table sugar. This form of sugar is mainly used to add to the sweetness of a dessert or a sweet dish. Often, people are enticed by many sweet treats and end up snacking on them. Unfortunately, this desire often leads people to overlook the benefits of a sugar free diet.

Benefits Of A Sugar Free Diet 

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It is known that snacks or drinks with refined sugars are unhealthy. Undoubtedly, these desserts are mouth-watering and tasty. But we should understand that there are numerous benefits of a sugar-free diet. A sugar-free diet is highly advantageous in the long run. A few of the countless benefits of a sugar-free diet are listed below.

Youthful Skin: Surveys propose that high blood sugar level often leads to a breakdown of collagen, the anti-aging element, on your skin. It results in people looking aged and worn. A diet that has refined sugar (in excess) can also cause premature wrinkles. Cutting down on refined sugars will visibly give a healthier look to your skin.

Reducing Abdominal Fat: Abdominal fat is also called visceral fat. It is extremely unhealthy as it leads to various cardiac complications and even cancer. This fat is popularly known as belly fat, and cutting down on sugar can substantially reduce such fat. It will give you a much healthier body in and out!

Reducing Risk for Diabetes: It’s a well-known fact that diabetes, a chronic lifestyle disease, is caused due to high blood sugar levels in the body. Excess sugar in the body forces the pancreas to create more insulin. It causes a malfunction in the pancreas, causing diabetes. We can indeed avoid this if excess sugar consumption is controlled, and we understand the benefits of a sugar free diet.

Having Peaceful Sleep: Consuming less sugar contributes to a more peaceful and deep sleep. Foods with high sugar content reduce Slow Wave Sleep (SWS), causing shallow sleep. A good night’s sleep is paramount, so cutting down on excess sugar indeed proves to be rewarding in the long run.  

Enhances Mental Clarity: Cutting down on sugar has proved to improve mental clarity. Sugar is also said to cause disturbances in the brain’s chemistry. 


The benefits of a sugar-free diet are manifold, and it is indeed essential that we avoid excess sugar for a healthy life.

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