Carb And Sugar Free Diet

Carb and Sugar Free Diet

Do you feel like you have gained a lot of weight in the last few months? If that is the case, you would want to go for a low carb and sugar-free diet. You don’t need to consult an expensive dietitian just because you want to lose some weight. But now you can get the perfect food to be high in protein, fat, and healthy vegetables. There are numerous types of low carbohydrate diets that you can indulge in, which will cause holistic development in your body. 

Foods That You Should Avoid-Carb And Sugar-Free Diet

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Before you know what you should have, start learning what you should avoid; here at the list of foods you should avoid managing your weight. 

Cut down on all the sugary stuff like fruit juice, candy, ice cream, and soft drinks. Many other things comprise sugar as a significant ingredient, so make sure that you check out. Try to avoid refined whole grains like wheat, barley, and rice because it comprises many carbohydrates. Also, you should not have saturated fat like hydrogenated oils, which will store in the body and is hard to burn. 

If you check out the highly processed foods, most of it is factory-made and comprises many chemicals. Please do not eat any of them and avoid starchy vegetables. Remember, the more you have potatoes, the more you will gain weight.

For Breakfast

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If you want to have good food for breakfast, there should be a balanced diet. Try to have egg whites and fruits as well as nuts. You can also add Greek yogurt to get a dose of all the nutrients that you would need for your body. Again try to have vegetable juice like carrots, and it will be tasty and a healthy combination of foods. Did you know that you can have a piece of dark chocolate for your breakfast so that you can have energy all day long?

For Lunch-Carb And Sugar-Free Diet

Now you can have a cup of rice and boiled vegetables for lunch. If you want to have the protein content, you can try baked fish and even steamed chicken. There are easy chicken soup recipes that you can make, which you can have with bread. If you do not want to have carbohydrates at all, you can try an assortment of salads. 

Snacks And Dinner

Most dieticians say that you should have healthy snacks if you have hunger cravings. You can dry air-fried snacks so that there is no oil in them. For people with cholesterol, you can try crisps made out of whole grains and veggies. There is always an option for a little bit of corn salad if you feel your hunger. During dinner time, have small portions of food so that it can last till the morning. Remember to have a heavy breakfast and light dinner so that your body can keep the weight at an optimum level. 


If you want to have a carb and sugar-free diet, there can be nothing better than whole grains. Just be a little careful about your food, and you’ll be good to go. 

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