Cookie Cutters For Delicious Sugar-Free Snacks

Are you a cookie monster just like we are? You can continue loving those delightful treats without the guilt of your waistline expanding. Here are some cookie cutters and cookie recipes for sugar-free cookies you can try at home. They’ve got the same exquisite taste sans sugar.

Sugar-Free Cookies: Chocolate Chips

The chocolate chip cookie has been in our pastry-cupboard for generations. From us to our fathers and our fathers before. There just seems to be something inviting about the round chip-studded cookie that we can’t get enough of. Similarly, they’re addictive invitation mean an invitation to bad sugar in our bodies. Oh no.

Don’t worry. We have just the recipe for you. You can have the same great taste without artificial sweeteners that are harmful to you.


Butter, almond four, vanilla extract, dark chocolate chips, erythritol (low carb sweetener).


Make sure to cream the butter and low carb sweeter. In a bow, use a spatula to ascertain that both ingredients are mixed well together. Melted butter will allow this task to be easier.

Secondly, beat eggs with almond flour. As the mixture becomes light, add small drops of your vanilla extract.

Cookie Cutters And Sugar-Free Cookies

Add the first mixture to the second and continue to beat in medium speed. No need to rush. What you want is that dense yet creamy texture.

Moreover, once you’ve achieved that texture, fold in your dark chocolate chips. Have them be evened out. You wouldn’t want some of those cookies to not have chips peaking out of them. Fold in those Macadamia nuts and spread them out well.

Now comes the fun part. Create small dough balls with your fist about an inch to two in diameter. Note: it will expand once baked. Leave spaces of the same measurement between each cookie on the greased baking pan. Then, bake in the oven for about 30 to 40 minutes, or until you see the dough balls expand. Its edges firmed up.

Low Fat Treats: Butter-Macadamia Cookies

Exquisite tastes don’t have to come from exquisitely expensive food. Take our recipe for butter-macadamia cookies. Not only are they budget-friendly, but they’re also easy to bake and are healthy, too!


Halved or diced Macadamia nuts, almond flour, butter, vanilla extract, eggs, molasses, low carb sweetener


Cream your melted butter with your chosen low carb sweeter. Since the butter is already melted lets mixing be a lot easier. You can add hints of black molasses sparingly. Fret not that this will make the batch sugar/fat-filled! Only a hint of it will do the trick.

Plus, it will allow you more time to spend on beating the eggs with your almond flour. You’ll have to do so until it evens out and lumps no longer appear.

Add drops of vanilla extract in between beating to make sure they’re not concentrated in pockets of your dough.

And just like how you shaped those chocolate chip cookies, use your hands to form dough balls and place them on your greased baking pan.

Bake for about 35 to 45 minutes until it expands and rises a little. You have to constantly check on them every few minutes, to make sure they’re baking right.

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