Delicious Sugar-Free Cookie Recipes

Recipe Of Sugar Free Cookies

Every people in this world love cookies. Whether you are a small child, a young individual, or an older man, you will always love the taste of cookies. However, these many people are not able to eat them because of their sugar quotient. These days people want to lead a healthy lifestyle to stay fit in this polluted and ever challenging world. Thus, they do not consume anything unhealthy or having a high sugar level.  Even, people with diabetes and high obesity level are not able to eat cookies which have a higher sugar level. But a perfect substitute for the regular cookies is Sugarfree Cookies.

The main ingredient of Sugarfree Cookies is butter. However, keeping in mind its health quotient, there is the use of coconut oil as well. The reason for using coconut oil is that it is healthier than butter and does not compromise with the taste as well. Sugarfree Cookies are perfect for healthy people, such as office going individuals. They are also an ideal cookie for obese and diabetic people.

Recipe Of Making Sugar Free Cookies
Recipe Of Making Sugar Free Cookies

Let us look at the recipe of this Cookie.

The main alternative of sugar used in the making of this Cookie is Splenda. This is an artificial sweetener which does not have any sugar quotient value in it. Also, the use of low carb flour will make the Cookie healthier.

Ingredients For Making Sugarfree Cookies

Following are the ingredients used for making this Cookie.

1- One Cup of Butter at room temperature

2- 2 cups of Low Carb Flour

3- A Half teaspoon of salt

4- Half Teaspoon of Baking Powder

5- Splenda equivalent to one cup of sugar

6- Two Eggs

7- One teaspoon of Vanilla extract

8- One Cup of Coconut oil as well

Recipe Of Making Sugar Free Cookies
Recipe Of Making Sugar Free Cookies


1- Preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit and then line the cookie sheet with parchment paper.

2- Allow the butter to get soft at room temperature

3- After the softening of the butter, in a big bowl, combine the low carb flour, baking powder salt, and butter and set aside.

4- In a separate big bowl mix Splenda and some more butter. If you want to make your cookie more delicious by not compromising with the taste, you can add coconut oil in this case. It replaces butter and its fat content but keeps the taste intact.

5- Mix the mixture of bowl 1 with bowl 2 and then mix the batter thoroughly until the texture becomes smooth and shiny.

6- After that, add the eggs and vanilla extract and continue to stir the mixture for a minute.

7- After mixing well of all the ingredients, allow it to stay at room temperature for a minute.

8- Shift the mixture to the oven and bake it for 10 minutes.

9- After baking, allow it to cool and then cut the cookies according to your desired shape and size.

10- Garnish it will sugar free chocolate chips.

Your tasty sugarfree Cookie is ready.

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