Eat More Fruits And Veggies With These Handy Peelers

Having balanced meals. Getting regular exercise. Hydrating as much as needed. Sleeping the right amount of hours. Our world today is very much bent on healthy living. So much so that it’s almost a fad, we think. However, living healthily isn’t always as cost-effective as you’d wish. So here is our list of fruit and vegetable peelers. Also, sugar-free foods you can easily find at your local market or grocery. Save time and money getting yourself in shape!

Easy Diet Plans With Fruit And Vegetable Peelers

Fruit And Vegetable Peelers: What We Mean By Sugar-Free

We acknowledge that our bodies need sugar to process into energy. On the other hand, it’s bad sugar you shouldn’t have in your system.

Bad sugar is also known as artificial sugar. You can find this in most sweets and baked products. Snacks that have been processed and have high amounts of preservatives.

These artificial sweeteners take very long for our bodies to synthesize. After all, they’re complex sugars. Similarly, this then means that our bodies store the residue of these sugars. Equivalently, they are what cause us to have our saddlebags. If you know what we mean.

Our Favorite Picks For You

Easy Diet Plans With Fruit And Vegetable Peelers

Strawberries. Actually, you can go ahead and add on the rest of the berry family. These contain high amounts of fiber and very little sugar. In fact, the fructose it contains is in just the right amount for you to snack on these babies.

Also, as you already know, fiber helps in metabolism. Therefore, processing sugar and carbohydrates converting them into energy instead of storing as fat.

Avocados. You’ve heard of this before. Avocados have low fat and sugar content. Plus, they’re excellent sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. So they’re good for weight loss, as well as for keeping your heart healthy!

Easy Diet Plans With Fruit And Vegetable Peelers

Limes, Lemons, and Oranges. These citrus fruits are not only high in Vitamin C. Which means they’re good for your immune system. Also, they’ll keep your skin looking young and rejuvenated! Additionally, they’re super low in sugar. Moreover, the sugars they contain are highly digestible.

Talk about a snack that you can gorge on, without the guilt!

Similar to the above, Grapefruit is another to add on this list. Admittedly, you might not like the bitter aftertaste this of this zesty treat. The remedy is to dip a part of it in a little honey. Just a tad will do.

Some Veggies To Add To Your Diet

Here are more food items you can include in your daily to weekly meal plans. Train yourself to make vegetables a lifetime partner. Overdramatization intended.

Cabbages. They are sugar-free. And guess what, they contain zero fat! They’re easy to prepare as well. Simply add them to a salad or boil with other ingredients as a soup. Eat them fresh, too. It’s up to you!

Broccoli. Those miniature trees. Not a Bonsai. No, no, no. Broccoli has zero fat and very low sugar content. To add, they’re excellent sources of dietary fiber for proper digestion. They even contain certain levels of calcium, too!

So go and design your own meal plan and get started!

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