Get The Recipe For Sugar Free Banana Bread

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sugar-free banana bread and the recipe for sugar-free banana bread will help you to keep a check on your sugar level and to make a healthy meal. Nowadays, people are very much conscious about their food habits. With the increase in pollution levels, it is very important to eat and stay healthy. Moreover, instances of diabetes and heart diseases are becoming very common among most of the people. Even young people are also the unfortunate victims of such conditions. Hence, priority should be given to healthy living, and it is better to avoid consumption of oily and junk food.

Learn The Wonderful Recipe For Sugar-Free Banana Bread

The Recipe For Sugar-Free Banana Bread

Sugar-free banana bread can be a good combination of tasty and healthy food at the same time. A good breakfast is essential to start a good day. Improper meals can drain out your energy and hamper your busy schedule. So this simple item can be a perfect solution.

Learn The Wonderful Recipe For Sugar-Free Banana Bread

Often, you are reluctant to follow your regular diet chart. Your taste buds get bored by the same items daily. Hence, if you can change your diet a little, it makes you happy again. Consumption of more of sugar-free items is becoming popular. The recipe for sugar-free banana bread is given below;-

First of all, your banana bread will be sweet, but it will be free from sugar. This is the most significant advantage as it gets the sweet taste from the banana. The natural sweetness is definitely more advantageous for your health than artificial sugar or extra-added sugar. The main ingredients required for such preparation is

White whole wheat flour



Baking soda


Ripe bananas


Coconut oil


The Preparation

You will love the simple technique for preparing this lovely bread. It sometimes happens that you are not lucky to obtain ripe bananas when you need them for this particular recipe. However, there is nothing to worry about. You can apply a simple trick to make the banana bread quite easily and quickly.

First, you need to pre-heat your oven to about 300degrees Fahrenheit. Now take a rimmed baking pan. Line it entirely with tinfoil. After this, place the bananas into it and bake it for 15-30 minutes. You must flip the sides in-between. When done, take them out and allow them to cool down. So your purpose for getting ripe bananas get solved in this way.

Now comes the actual preparation. You can use whole white grain to make it instead of flour to make healthy. Also, you can use gluten-free flour to make the bread gluten-free. You mix the bananas well as this derives all its sweetness from the bananas. To make it more nutritional, add a bit of coconut oil into it.

Moreover, this oil will also give a coconut flavor to the dish. Now it’s important to ensure that the banana bread will stay in the refrigerator in good condition for at least 3-4 days. This is because you are not going to make bread for taking it only once. Your diet plan will include it for a few more days. To keep it fresh, place the slices on a cookie sheet and freeze it. After overnight freezing, keep them in an air-tight container. In this way, the bread will remain fresh for months.

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