Gluten Free Restaurants Near Me in New York

Gluten Free Restaurants

Are you gluten-free and living in New York? If so, then this blog post is just for you! We have compiled a list of gluten


1) Avant Garden

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This vegetarian restaurant offers plenty of gluten-free options on its menu and is located in the East Village.

2) Banter

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This gluten-free friendly restaurant offers many options for gluten-free diners. They are located in Brooklyn and have a large selection of gluten free beers, wines, cocktails, and more!

3) Bread & Tulips

This gluten-free bakery is located right here on Staten Island. If you’re gluten-intolerant or have celiac disease, you’ll love the options at this bakery!

4) Butter Lane

This gluten-free and dairy-free bakery is a must for those who are looking for tasty treats that won’t make them sick. They have locations in both Manhattan and Brooklyn.

5) Candle Café

This vegan restaurant has plenty of gluten-free options and is located in both the East Village and Upper West Side of Manhattan.

6) Clinton Street Baking Company

This gluten-free restaurant offers pancakes, waffles, omelets, sandwiches, salads, desserts, and more! They have locations in the Lower East Side of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

7) Cooper’s Hill

This gluten-free friendly restaurant is located in Chelsea and has gluten-free dishes such as fried chicken, burgers, salads, sandwiches, flatbreads.

8) Egg Shop

This gluten-free restaurant offers a few gluten-free options including gluten-free breakfast sandwiches. They are located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

9) The Little Beet

This gluten-free restaurant is very popular for its delicious gluten-free dishes, such as avocado toast with ricotta cheese or salads that use gluten-free quinoa! They have locations all over New York City.

10) Little Park

This gluten-free restaurant is located in the West Village of Manhattan and specializes in gluten-free dishes. They are open for brunch, lunch, dinner, drinks…and even offer gluten-free desserts!

11) Lulu’s Allston

If you’re looking for gluten-free pizza options then this is your place to go! Lulu’s Allston offers gluten-free pizza and gluten-free beer. They are located in the Allston neighborhood of Boston, MA.

12) Modern Love

This vegan restaurant has a gluten-free menu that will make any gluten-free diner happy! They have locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

13) Noglu

This French gluten-free bakery is perfect for those who are looking for a delicious gluten-free meal. They have locations in both the Upper East Side of Manhattan and Soho, Manhattan.

14) Omni

This gluten-free restaurant offers many gluten-free options such as salads, sandwiches, pizzas, pasta and even has a gluten-free dessert menu! Omni is located in the Financial District of Manhattan.

15) Pizza Lucca

This gluten-free pizzeria offers gluten-free pizza and gluten-free beers! They are located in both the Upper West Side of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Conclusion paragraph: We hope this list of 18 gluten free near me in New York has helped you find the right place for your next meal. If you’re looking to try some new places, these are all great choices!

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