How Chocolate Has Changed Our Lives

How Chocolate Has Changed Our Lives

The history of chocolate is very interesting and has been around for many years. We tend to think of chocolate as something that is only found in chocolate shops, and to an extent this is true.

However, the history of chocolate extends back much further than most people realize. We know that it was first discovered by a Roman chocolate maker, who knew how to make a highly complex brandy from it. This is a rich brandy that was intended to be drunk to gain stamina. It may also have had medicinal properties.

The History Of Chocolate

Some of the chocolate we are familiar with today was first discovered in the Middle East. It had very little exposure to modern-day technology. This may be why chocolate comes in such flavors as hazelnut and chocolate chip. Both of these flavors are recognized in some traditions.

Due to its popularity, chocolates has, over the years, had a very important place in many religions. Hindu temples have ceremonial fires lit to burn this wonderful foodstuff and are a very popular part of their celebrations.

As we move on, into the last three centuries, we see this tradition evolve. Many more people begin to embrace this new religion. We now see chocolates used not just in religious ceremonies, but as a traditional dish to be eaten by Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike.

Some Facts For Chocolate Lovers

The next step is that a writer called Horace. This is writing about this wonderful food and presents it as a good thing to eat. This is a huge step forward and it is almost expected that other writers will follow suit.

Horace’s lover of chocolates is known as Hyacinth, and she becomes the patroness of chocolates. In fact, Hyacinth is so well known for her love of chocolates that even people in the royal household are linked to it.

Hyacinth’s family owns a factory and they produce Chocopie biscuits. Chocopie is also the name of the confectionery which is made. The biscuit itself is made of chocolates and so is also part of the chocolate family.

How Chocolate Has Changed Our Lives
How Chocolate Has Changed Our Lives

A Wonderful Treat

But none of this history would be of interest if chocolates wasn’t such a wonderful treat, and we still find this to be the case in the modern-day. A chocolates lovers delight in eating the sweet goodness of this delicious treat. It has always been an important part of both religious and secular celebrations.

In the modern world, chocolates lovers enjoy the food and drink of chocolate in such a way that they don’t even realize that they are being led on a trip down memory lane. So many chocolates lovers can tell you stories about the things that their favorite flavors taste like, and even how they tasted the first time they tasted them.

There are, in fact, many long term benefits that we get from our favorite chocolates. It is not just the immediate short term rush of joy, but long term benefits include weight loss, which is caused by our bodies metabolizing more calories after a chocolate meal.

Bottom Line

The pleasure that we feel is a massive compliment to the food that has been mentioned in this article, and we can see how such simple and delicious foods can affect our lives so powerfully. We should all eat a few chocolates every day and enjoy them to the fullest.

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