How To Follow A No-Sugar Diet Plan

Following A No-Sugar Diet Plan

An average adult consumes more sugar than what is necessary. Hence, reducing the intake of added sugar is a wise decision for many people. There are even individuals who take a step further and ultimately cut down on having sugar in any form. As more and more people these days are interested in losing weight and staying healthy, there has been a considerable rise in the popularity of no sugar diet.

Nevertheless, not every person is thoroughly convinced about the benefits of this type of diet. For the ones who are concerned about what they can consume on a low sugar diet, there are tons of options. Perhaps, if you make up your mind to altogether avoid processed products and consume whole foods, you would be very close to following a low sugar diet naturally.

Following A No-Sugar Diet Plan
Following A No-Sugar Diet Plan

Starting With The Diet

To start with, you should limit your intake of added sugar to 100 or 200 calories every day. Experts are of the view that every individual should work on limiting his or her consumption of added sugar to 10% of calories and even less per day. Once you are done with this, you can work on reducing sugars even further. The key here is reading labels and selecting products with minimum added sugar content. There is no need for you to give up all kinds of sweet foods completely. Make some healthier choices, and you will be off with it.

Ideas For Sugar-Free Breakfast

Make savory breakfasts for your friend. It will help you in reducing sugar cravings by signaling to the brain that sugar is just not available. Go for a minimum of 10 grams of proper protein every day for keeping blood sugar levels stable. Your sugar-free breakfast can contain:

  • Green smoothies consisting of berries and collagen protein.
  • Muffins made of bacon, eggs, ham or sausage.
  • Leftovers of dinner the other day.
Following A No-Sugar Diet Plan
Following A No-Sugar Diet Plan

Ideas For Sugar-Free Lunch

Use your lunchtime for getting some healthy antioxidants from starchy vegetables, natural sweeteners, and fruits. Pairing your sugar content with a lot of fat and protein will give you the energy needed to work during the afternoon. You can have these low sugar dishes for lunch:

  • A power bowl consisting of legumes, whole grains, roast chicken, avocado, and baked fish.
  • Hot soup made of different vegetables, beans, lean proteins, and coconut yogurt.
  • Salad topped with sliced sausage or hamburger patty and a lot of raw shredded vegetables.
  • Chickpea pasta salad accompanied with tuna.

Ideas For Sugar Free Dinner

Going without sugar the whole day means you have the freedom of pairing your dinner with some baked dessert treats and fruits. Consider these ideas:

  • Rice and beans bowl with guacamole.
  • Stew made using red potatoes, grass-fed beef, and a lot of vegetables.
  • Roast chicken with steamed spinach and roasted butternut squash.


Going for a no sugar diet plan is nothing formal. So, there is no specific time on when you should have what. Start cutting back on sugar gradually. Do away with your sugar cravings by eating non-sweetened food regularly and even by drinking a lot of water.

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