How To Make Easy Recipes With Vegetables

We ought to know by now that those mouth-watering snacks, pastries, and cakes are a no-no to our diet plan. Similarly, so are our favorite fast foods. Artificial sweeteners just aren’t the way to go. We’re giving you free sugar-free meal recipes. Again, for free! With vegetable cutters, cook and eat healthy at the slightest cost!

Sugar-Free Meals: Easy Recipes With Vegetable Cutters

Vegetable Cutters

Gymn-ing is the way to go if you can insert this in your busy schedule. It gets you out of the comfort of your home. Eliminates excuses to snooze more. And when you are able to make a habit out of it, the results are astounding.

That is if coupled with a balanced diet. However, what we fail to notice is that despite how much we think we’re eating right, we might not be aware of our sugar intake.

Despite how many times we find ourselves exercising, the amount of bad sugar we may be unconsciously having will ruin our set plan for health.

Additionally, eating healthy seems to cost a fortune! All the food items and healthy restaurants out there need you to pay in gold. Gold for a single meal.

However, we won’t have this anymore. What if we tell you that you can prepare your own healthy, sugar-free meals at an affordable price? All you’ll need are the right ingredients, some determination, and a positive attitude!

Our First Recipe: Vegetable Pasta Surprise

Just as it sounds, this isn’t difficult to prepare. Not at all! Simply prepare your uncooked pasty (penne for this), tomatoes, avocados, artichoke, cilantro, lime. Also, have ready your canola oil, kosher salt and ground pepper. Some Romano cheese will make the mix creamy-licious.


Sugar-Free Meal: Recipes You And Your Body Will Love

Cook the penne using the instructions found on its pouch. Easier that way. Once the pasta’s firm yet soft, strain them until moist-dry.

In one bowl, pour your veggies in. Remember, they need to be either thinly diced or minced. In another, mix your pepper, salt, and canola oil. Add to the first bowl and mix until spread evenly.

Squeeze some lime to add zest to it. Chill for a few minutes before leaving out to serve. Additionally, add the Romano cheese by grating it on top of this simple yet deliciously sugar-free pasta meal.

Our Second Recipe: Mediterranean Salad Galore

If you haven’t yet noticed, our recipes don’t require any complicated preparation. We made sure this is so. Because we want to encourage you to kick-start cooking healthily at home.

This next recipe is all about color. As you anticipate, this salad requires a no-frills preparation as well.


Sugar-Free Meals: Easy Recipes With Vegetable Cutters

Peeled cucumbers, tomatoes, avocados, olives, and baby spinach. To add, parsley, romaine, and feta cheese. Eggs are amazing in this mix as well. All the ingredients need to be thinly chopped in small cubes.

Have ready some salt, ground pepper and yogurt (optional).

This is definitely a far cry from cooking’s rocket science. No baking and cooking involved.

In a salad bowl, mix the first set of ingredients together. Add salt and pepper according to taste. Serve with yogurt in a separate bowl is a dip.

Another way to serve this is to line up your ingredients on a large plate. No mixing. Then, add dashes of salt and pepper on top to dress it. Serve with yogurt as an option as well.

Easy enough, right? You got this!

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