Is Brown Sugar Gluten Free And Natural Really The Healthiest Option?

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Brown sugar has always been in use longer than any other kind of sugar because it gives off a delicious natural sweetness with a nice touch of natural flavor. However, the interesting thing about this natural sweetener is that it is also regarded as one of the most harmful kinds of all sweeteners because it can easily be digested by the body. Just like most other sugars, it is also regarded to be one of the harmful types of sugar. So just how can we know, is brown sugar gluten-free to eat?

Gluten in our diet.

Brown Sugar

First and foremost, you have to know why we should watch out for gluten in our diet. Gluten is the main substance found in rye, barley, and wheat that is used in the manufacturing of bread, pasta, and cookies. When we eat these products, they will be digested and metabolized by our body which results in the rise of uric acid levels in the bloodstream. Uric acid is the result of the incomplete digestion and breakdown of the protein, which is a waste product from the breakdown of our tissues and the amino acids in our body.

Dairy  products

Brown Sugar

One of the most common food allergens found in our daily meals is dairy products. Dairy products such as cheese, milk, and yogurt are made from cow’s milk which is an acid-based product which is derived from the milk of cows. There are also some other milk derivatives that are more acid-like like lactose and galactose which are derived from cow’s milk. All of these products are the result of the digestion of proteins and these are the main sources of the high level of uric acid that is known to be the cause of gout.

When we bake, it will be easier for us to use refined sugar or refined flour. This is because the flour has a lot of water in it and this is what is used to give bread its whitish color. We can just substitute refined white flour if we want to bake without any problem. However, most people tend to still bake with white flour. When you bake using brown or whole grain flour, the process of baking is affected. The end result will be dry and brittle baked products.

When we want to bake with brown or raw sugar, the process is quite different from when using white sugar. When using brown or raw sugar, the liquid which is left in the mix after stirring the ingredients will eventually form into a solid mass. The white sugar crystals will have dissolved and this is why it is easier for the mixture to set. The texture of the cake is referred to as “wet sand” or “dough”. It is better to avoid using a wet or moist batter. This is because it will produce an inconsistent and tough cake.

Brown sugar-free 

Another reason why brown sugar-free and gluten-free cake recipes tend to not taste very good is because of the addition of molasses or any other sweeteners. When using sweeteners, it is best to choose natural sweeteners instead of concentrated ones like molasses or maple syrup. There are organic, natural sweeteners out there like molasses, brown, honey, and apple cider vinegar that can still give you plenty of sweetness without the risk of digestion problems. You can also use stevia or xylitol as a sweetener.

Gluten-free and brown sugar-free baking is not all about the ingredients. There is also the preparation part where the right amount of baking powder, baking soda, or oil can make a huge difference in the end product. These two additions are usually present in the mixes that can be found in health food stores or natural food stores. However, you can also purchase ready-made mixes from manufacturers who use grass plant ingredients like flaxseed, rice bran, or oat bran oil.

So is brown sugar gluten-free and natural really the healthiest alternative? You can’t really go wrong with it if you choose the right mix and bake in moderation. If you are planning on having dessert for your family night, then using white sugar will be fine. As long as you ensure to bake it slowly so the texture won’t fall apart or turn brittle, and keep an eye on the nutritional value. You won’t get too many calories from it since it is mostly made up of brown sugar and raw sugar with some white corn, brown rice syrup, and molasses for a few added nutrients.

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