Make Healthy Desserts Without Sugar

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Do you love all sweet treats, especially no-sugar, no-calorie, or no-fat desserts? If so, this book could change your life forever as it shows you how to truly enjoy delicious desserts without the usage of unhealthy white, refined sugars. A no-sugar, no-calorie, no-fat, no-fat dessert is anything that provides a satisfying, sumptuous, full-bodied sweet ending; including cakes, cookies, fruit, and so much more. This book not only teaches how to make delicious desserts but also shows you how they are made, and ultimately how healthy they are. The recipes themselves are all mostly all free of salt, fats, and calories.

An Overview

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For instance, one no-sugar, no-calorie, no-fat, no-carb recipe calls for melted coconut oil, rolled dates, and brown sugar. Mix these together and then add in a cup of maple syrup and vanilla or lemon juice and stir. Next, mix in a cup of yogurt, one tablespoon of vanilla, and two cups of low fat or skim milk. Pour this mixture into a pie pan, bake the pie on 350F for about 20 minutes and then remove it. The resulting dessert is both absolutely delicious and completely healthy! Not only does maple syrup provide a delightful sweet finish to this recipe but it also helps to naturally counter the effects of the maple syrup, which means you do not need to worry about ingesting any extra calories from the maple syrup either.

You may also find that when cooking no-sugar, no-calorie, sugar free desserts, you have to watch out for certain ingredients. For instance, most recipes will tell you to use a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar instead of water to reduce the amount of sugar in the recipe. You should also avoid added sugar, especially natural sugar such as brown and white sugar and also fructose. Even fruits such as bananas and apples will usually contain some level of added sugar.

Healthy Dessert Without Sugar

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To be absolutely safe though, it’s best to use a no-sugar, no-calorie, sugar free recipe whenever possible. As an example, you can bake fruit instead of using a pie pan and eliminate the need for added sugar by baking a banana or an apple pie instead. Likewise, you can use applesauce in place of sour cream and eliminate the need for artificial sweeteners by using evaporated cane juice or bottled pure apple juice. Another way to bake fruit is to use yogurt instead of sour cream in place of eggs in a no-sugar, no calorie, low sugar dessert. You can also replace honey with molasses or brown sugar.

Many people are confused by the terms “no-sugar” and “paleo.” These two aren’t actually similar. The term “no-sugar” means that you won’t have to compensate for the calories by using honey, which is a healthy sweetener. If you bake a vegan recipe using bananas or an apple, you can replace the honey with maple syrup, agave nectar or honey. This doesn’t mean that you can’t still eat the fruits; the healthy ingredients in your recipe will still be there.

On the other hand, “no-sugar, paleo style” is a generic phrase for any recipe where you use organic, natural, unrefined sugar substitutes. Agave nectar and coconut sugar are examples of “no-sugar, paleo style” recipes. Maple syrup comes close to being a “no-sugar, paleo style” recipe but not quite to being a completely no-sugar, paleo style dessert. Both maple syrup and agave nectar are an excellent source of dietary fiber and are much lower in calories than regular sugar.

If you are new to baking and don’t know where to start, try a no-sugar, palm dessert recipe. If you need a little assistance, you can find help online. You can also choose whether to bake coconut or pineapple cakes for dessert. Either would make a great healthy, no-sugar, palm dessert. Baked fruit cakes are also a great, guilt-free dessert idea.

Bottom Line

No matter what your personal preferences are, it’s easy to find great sugar-free desserts that taste just as good as traditional sweets. They are also healthier and are a good option for those on a diet or watching your weight. In addition, they are a great way to save time and money while preparing meals that you can enjoy and make in large quantities without having to count calories. With so many different recipes available, you should have no problem finding a delicious, healthy dessert that meets your needs.

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