Make Home-Based Sugar Free Peanut Butter

Sugar-free peanut butter is a food spread made from ground peanuts, and those peanuts are dry and roasted. It includes other ingredients as well to modify its taste and texture. Canada is the place of its origin. People love peanut butter; it is nutritious and healthy. In case you go over a lot of peanut butter in your family then you must jump to the recipe of sugar-free homemade peanut butter. You can make and enjoy peanut butter whenever you want. And the best part is that you will get exact taste and feel not like packed sugar-free butter.

Make Home-Based Sugar Free Peanut Butter
Make Home-Based Sugar Free Peanut Butter

You can easily find a jar of peanut butter in everyone’s kitchen. It’s because you never know that when you need good and tasty stuff. There are many peanut butter lovers, and they love to eat this butter with toast, bread, and much more. So, here we have a recipe that will help you to make peanut butter at home in no time. It’s a simple recipe, and you can make it without any hassle.

Why You Should Make Peanut Butter At Home?

You will be amazed if you get to know how ample sugar goes into the commercially made peanut sugar less butter. Therefore, when you make peanut sugar less butter at home, you can control all the ingredients as you want. Plus, peanuts are good enough, and they do not require any additional ingredients like sugar or something else to enhance their taste.

Everyone likes peanut sugar less butter. But everyone has a different take on how to eat it. Some people like it as a spread, so they use to eat it on toast or bread. And some people like to eat it directly for the jar, so crunchy peanut sugar less butter is their choice. Both have slightly different taste and texture. Let’s know its recipe.

Homemade Sugar-Free Peanut Butter Recipe

The recipe for peanut sugar less butter is very easy and simple; you just need to follow the steps, and your homemade peanut sugar less butter is ready. You will be amazed to see that who much it will cost you and how easy it is to make. There are a few types of peanuts that you can use for butter. Here is the recipe for making delicious peanut sugar free butter at home. 

Ingredients For Peanut Sugar-Free Butter

Make Home-Based Sugar Free Peanut Butter
Make Home-Based Sugar Free Peanut Butter

You need only a few ingredients for peanut sugar-free butter, and those are:

Two cups roasted peanuts or normal peanuts.

Honey two tablespoon.

Two tablespoon oil, mainly peanut oil.

Method Of Making

It’s very easy to make it at home. Follow these steps:

You need a food mainframe or a mixer.

Place all your peanuts and sweetener into your mixer and blend it will.

After it’s blended, you can drizzle with one teaspoon of oil.

Now again, blend your peanut for one minute.

Scrape down the sides of your food processor or blender container and again blend it for few minutes until it reaches the desired consistency.

Your homemade sugar-free butter is ready to serve.   

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