Nut Lover Review

Nut Lover

The Nut Lover is the one show you’ve been waiting for and that is about to begin. The Nut Lover is a show by Wendy Harness which revolves around an overweight girl named Joyce Hill who takes part in various competitions on the television show.

About the show

The Nut Lover is set in the year 2020. Joyce has won three competitions and they now want her to take part in a bigger challenge, however, she can’t afford it. They try to get her into a sponsorship deal but Joyce refuses at first and is then offered to be involved in a free television show which will help to raise some money for her team.

This show is called the Nut Lover, this means the Nut Lover is a chocolate addict. In this show, she will need a dietician, a nutritionist and a dietician, all the tasks of the other shows are performed by her!

Takeaways from the Nut Lover

The Nut Lover makes a lot of demands from the people she requires in order to continue her show. For example, she wants the right proportions of carbohydrates, fats and protein and the correct amount of minerals.

She also tells them she eats only nuts, three nuts every day, plus a balanced diet. With a strict diet of eating eight times per day and only once a day. She has to have the right amount of water every day, else she will feel ill and possibly even vomit.

The Nut Lover’s diet plans

The Nut Lover’s diet plans actually are quite simple. She wants to lose weight, which she is all too aware of and is willing to put in any diet plan possible. It is for this reason that her diet plan has been completely different from other diets.

Nut Lover
Nut Lover

The Nut Lover’s diet is based on six meals a day and eating between two and four times per day. Each meal is not only balanced but has a selection of lean meat and low-fat dairy.

The Nut Lover is an excellent example of a gastronomic show as she has taken on the task of having a diet for a show. Each programme is extremely interesting. It manages to have a balance between humour and content, all whilst telling a good story.

Why the Nut Lover is making waves?

This programme is so good that it is proving very popular. It is making its way into international channels across the world. It is getting more popular because of its popularity amongst the people on a worldwide scale.

There are several companies that are trying to make the best of this programme. The Nut Lover has been nominated for many awards and has won many awards. It is certainly a great achievement and deserves all the recognition it gets.

The Nut Lover is great television, you will be laughing throughout the programme from start to finish. Everyone who has seen the show has had a laugh and enjoyed it.

Nut Lover
Nut Lover


You will agree with me that the Nut Lover is one of the best programmes around today and should be considered for a place in your TV history. If you haven’t watched the show, I recommend you do as you will enjoy it will be good for your health!

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