Simple Sugar Free Rice Crispies

sugar free rice crispy treats recipe

However they are made without any of the usual artificial ingredients that may have harmful effects on your health. These are also called “Granulated” or “Stirred”. The difference lies in the fact that they are stirred, so that the grains of rice stick to each other and form tiny cakes.

Rice Bran

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These sugar free rice crisps contain no sugars and they are suitable for diabetics, people suffering from high blood pressure and for those who are dieting as well. For centuries now, diabetics have been advised to eat foods like these which are low on sugars. There are many recipes available for making these snacks which use either corn flour or rice flour. You can also use refined white sugar or brown sugar for these recipes.

There are two main types of sugar-free snacks. One is the rice bran, which is derived from the seed of the kernel of the plant commonly found in Asia and Africa. This particular type of sugar substitute has been in existence for decades. It contains no sugar and is therefore classified as naturally sugar free.

Wheat Crisis

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The other kind of this product is the wheat crisis. They too are made from wheat but are covered with a sweetener. The reason for using a sweetener in this case is to make them appealing to the taste buds. The addition of an artificial sweetener would interfere with the natural sweetness of the rice. Although they can be eaten just as they are, they do not taste as good if eaten in their original form.

A lot of people also love the sweet taste of popcorn. These days, the manufacturers have come out with food products that are low in fats and yet rich in flavor. The manufacturers have managed to blend the nutritious value of corn and the delicious taste of popcorn into one convenient package. As a result, rice crispies have been transformed from healthy food items to tasty snacks. The corn starch does not add calories or fat to the drink but contains B vitamins. Thus, it is highly beneficial for a pregnant woman carrying a child.

Rice Crispies

Simple sugar free rice Crispies do not have any artificial sweeteners such as flavors like caramel, nuts etc. They do not have any calories either. They are healthier alternatives to your usual snacks that you take in the midday. The makers of this product assure you that the food products are free from any gluten or wheat. If you are lactose intolerant, you can also find products that are suitable for you.

When you make sugar free rice Crispies at home, it can save you money too, as you can make as many as you like without worrying about whether they will have the calories and the nutrients you need. You just have to get the ingredients from your local store or online store, and voila! You have your sugar free rice Crispies.

Last Words

To make your own sugar free rice Crispies, all you need is a package of sweetened rice cereal, some liquid sweeteners (less than a tablespoon), vanilla and lemon juice, as well as a whole bunch of rinsed off prunes or raisins. Mix all these ingredients together and let it stand for at least 30 minutes so that the flavors can meld properly. You might want to add nuts or raisins to give it a nice taste. Once you are satisfied with the taste, it is time for you to cook the rice Crispies. It is really not difficult, but you might want to experiment with your kitchen set so that you can make perfect sugar free rice Crispies every time.

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