Some of the best and delicious Dessert without sugar

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Sugar-free sweets and desserts are the most guilt-free approach to satisfy your sweet taste. We’ve compiled a selection of sugar-free recipes for you to try at home so you may indulge in delicious sweets guilt-free. Remember, when you were a kid, your mommy used to put some honey on your tongue and as a reflex, there’s a wide smile on your face? That’s what sweets do to us. Desserts the ultimate mixture of sweets can do the same. Food is incomplete without salt so does dessert without sugar. But what if desserts can be made without sugar? Here are some of the sugar free desserts to consider. While eating a well-balanced diet and avoiding refined sugar items are excellent ways to control blood sugar, did you know you can still indulge in your favourite chocolate mousse or a bowl of luscious rice pudding? You may always have your favourite handmade sugar-free ice cream, sugar-free cake, or other sugar-free treats thanks to healthier sugar substitutes like coconut sugar, jaggery, and honey. We’ve compiled a list of the best sugar-free desserts that you can make at home.

Chocolate desserts 

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The one who says chocolates rise blood sugar level doesn’t know the existence of dark chocolates. Dark chocolates are sugar free and also the best alternative for milk chocolates. Consuming desserts made of dark chocolate not only quenches your crave for chocolates but also lifts your mood. Some of the dark chocolate desserts include,

  • Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Truffles (combination of pumpkin and dark chocolate)
  • Crackling hot cocoa (liquid dessert served in mug)

Fruit desserts 

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Fruits are recommended by everyone as it can make you feel full and energetic. Anything made of fruit is of less sugar as fruits itself contain natural sweetness in them. So how about having a dessert made of fruit? These are some sugar free fruit desserts

  • Sugar free Apple Tart ( combination of apple, honey and applesauce)
  • Peanut Butter Fudge ( combination of peanut butter and almond milk)

Dessert bars 

Bars serve as an excellent dessert to end a meal. Bars contain nuts, cookies, cream etc… which not only makes you feel full but also provide extra nutrients to your body. Bars provide a crunchy feel which makes them differ from other common desserts.

Here are some sugar free bars to munch,

  • Oatmeal Bars ( bar made of peanut butter and oatmeal)
  • Dark Chocolate Cereal Bars ( combination of dark chocolate and cereals)


If you’re a diabetic person, sugar free desserts work the best for you. Also, if you’re a person who wants to maintain a well balanced yet simple diet, these are some of the desserts to be included in your routine. You don’t have to sacrifice eating what you like when you have the best alternatives.

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