Homemade Sugar Free Applesauce

Homemade Sugar Free Applesauce

Apple sauce is a tasty dish or snack that everyone would love to eat. But when you prefer stored and packaged apple sauce, you may have an additional amount of preservatives and sugar. Packaged apple sauce is likely to be less healthy than homemade sugar-free applesauce. If you choose a sugar-free version of the sauce, nothing can be better than that. Here you will have the delicious homemade sugar free. You can store it in a tin for a long time as we have not used any preservatives and sugar in our recipe.

Why Sugar-Free Applesauce?

Applesauce can accompany many dishes, and you can have different tastes with various ingredients. Here are the beautiful methods to have the healthy apple diet

In the morning breakfast, you can have it with yogurt or peanut butter

Make applesauce pancakes

""Homemade Sugar Free Applesauce

Homemade Sugar-Free Applesauce

Combination of applesauce and pork chops is amazing

Add it in sugar-free baking

You can simply enjoy chilled applesauce

Sugar-Free Applesauce: Benefits

Promote digestion

Can be used as a great substitute while baking

A healthy snack for trips and school lunchbox

Sugar-Free Applesauce Recipe:

Details Of Cooking:

Prep Time: 5 minutes

 Cook Time: 20 minutes

 Total Time: 25 minutes

 Servings: 15 portions / 1/4 cup

 Calories: 22kcal


2 kg of apples

1/2 cup of water

2 tsp cinnamon

nutmeg vanilla or mixed spice (all optional)

Method: Homemade Sugar-Free Applesauce

Step1: Choose the best apples, and you can buy it before one or two days whenever you go for grocery and vegetable shopping. Sometimes, the variety of apples is confusing to choose the best apples for sauce. As you are making sugar free applesauce, you should avoid Bramley apples. Bramley apples are very sour.

Wash the apples and let them dry before slicing

Now, slice and core the apples. You can use tools (if they are handy and available on your kitchen shelf). Eight slices of each apple are the right way of slicing an apple for applesauce. 

You can personalize your sauce by adding cinnamon and other spices. Add sufficient and desired seasonings. Spices would add wow and yummy factors in applesauce.

Take a cooker, add water, and apples mixed with spices on the flame on the sim. Cook them well for 20 minutes. Be sure that apples get mushy and soft.

Puree the cooked apples in a food processor or hand mixture. Keep the consistency as per your interest. 

Take a jar. Wash it and let it dry. 

Store the sugar-free applesauce in an entirely wet jar in a freezer. This is the way to store applesauce for a week.

Homemade Sugar Free Applesauce

Homemade Sugar-Free Applesauce


Serving: 50g 

 Calories: 22kcal 

Carbohydrates: 5.6g 

Protein: 0.1g 

Sodium: 1mg 

Potassium: 34mg 

Fiber: 0.6g 

Sugar: 5g

While making applesauce, you should not remove the skin of apples. Apples’ skins are rich in nutrients. It is said that the skin of any fruit is six times healthier than the pulp of the fruit. So, never remove the skin. Furthermore, the skin adds a wonderful dark color and more apply taste

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