Sugar Free Chocolate Chips Cookies For A Healthy Bite

Sugar-Free Chocolate Chips Cookies For A Healthy Bite

Eating healthy and organic is a choice for some and a necessity for others. However, one can never say no to sugar free chocolate chips. But when health comes into count, it becomes necessary to switch out of some ingredients. Whatever be the case, there are a lot of alternatives that one can use in their baking so they would not have to cut back on these delectable chocolate chip cookies when you’re craving something sweet.

Thankfully, sugar-free chocolate chips are a great substitute to regular chocolate chips and you can use it while baking cookies, if raisins are just not as enticing.

There are many kinds of sugar alternatives which are available online. While choosing an alternative, you’ll have to keep in mind that sugar not only sweetens the cookies but also lends a little something to its texture. 

Using Stevia in place of sugar ensures no added calories, and is easy to find online.

Sugar-Free Chocolate Chips Cookies For A Healthy Bite
Sugar-Free Chocolate Chips Cookies For A Healthy Bite

Agave or Agave nectar has been in use to sweeten confectioneries for a long time, and it is organic and healthy. Also, honey, maple syrup, and apple sauce reduce the calorie content to a great extent. Apple sauce can also be used as a substitute for egg, and maple syrup is known to be helpful when you’re looking to lower your blood sugar.

You can also use fruit concentrates or honey and raisins while making cookies, which would make up for the sugar content while giving it a unique flavor.

These are some of the many natural options out there which health-conscious people with a sweet tooth can use to replace sugar, without compromising in taste.

Here Are The Ingredients Of Sugar Free Chocolate Chips

You’ll need to make your batch of delicious cookies now-

3 cups flour

Half cup butter

1/4 cup oil

The sugar substitute, according to taste

Half tsp baking powder

A pinch of salt

2 large eggs

1 cup of sugar-free chocolate chips

Sugar-Free Chocolate Chips Cookies For A Healthy Bite
Sugar-Free Chocolate Chips Cookies For A Healthy Bite


Making sugar free chocolate chip cookies start off like any other.

  • Preheat the oven to 350 degrees beforehand.
  • In a bowl, whisk together half a cup softened butter, a quarter cup oil, and coconut sugar, which you can use as a brown sugar substitute. You can also use any other substitute of your choice, according to availability.
  • Whisk two large eggs into the mixture, one at a time for a smoother consistency, and vanilla essence if preferred.
  • Add in half a teaspoon of baking soda and a pinch of salt (sea salt works great).
  • Beat in 3 cups of plain flour, one cup at a time.
  • Add the sugar-free chocolate chips or raisins and fold it in with a spatula. 
  • Put the dough in the freezer for half an hour.
  • Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and bake the cookies for 10-15 mins until lightly browned.

Some General Tips

For gooey chocolate chip cookies that don’t spread too much, freezing them for some time before baking is necessary.

Almond flour work just as well in place of regular flour.

Avoid over mixing the dough, as it can result in cookies that are too tough. Also, whisking the eggs and butter too much will soften the cookies too much.

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