Sugar Free Dog Treats – Making Your Dog Diet Healthier

sugar free dog treats

Sugar free dog treats are those that don’t contain any sugar, no matter how much you feed them. Because some dogs have sensitive stomachs, it’s important that you understand the ingredients of these treats and make sure your pet doesn’t suffer while eating them. Many treats, especially those meant for puppies, use ingredients like chicken meal or fish meal. Although it’s usually safe to assume that the food is natural, you should still read the label and check for anything you know could be included in the mix. There are many different types of food that can be used as ingredients. Just be aware that the less ingredients listed on the label, the healthier the treat.

Rice And Beans Are Excellent Options For Sugar Free Dog Treats

Dog Treats

So, what are some of the best foods for your dog that don’t have any sugar added? Many breeders and pet store owners report that rice and beans are excellent options, but be careful not to overfeed these ingredients. If you’re looking for sugar-free dog treats that taste just like their regular counterparts, look for foods such as canned cooked chicken, steak, or turkey. You can also go with treats that have vegetables or fruit as their main ingredients. These will usually taste better than any other commercial brand treats you find at the store.

Other choices include wheat flour, corn flour, and powdered milk. If you don’t want to feed your pet a homemade treat, consider purchasing pre-made products. Many retailers sell high-quality, all natural dog treats that have the right blend of ingredients to ensure your dog gets plenty of nutrition without any excess sugar or additional ingredients that can be harmful to his health. However, keep in mind that even if you choose a pre-made dog treat recipe with healthy ingredients, you’ll still need to check the ingredients list to make sure there aren’t any hidden fats, calories, or other unhealthy ingredients in the mix. Even then, the benefits of the dog treat recipe are usually better than the cost of the commercially prepared treat.

Different Types Of Preservatives 

Dog Treats

Next, let’s take a look at some of the different types of preservatives that are being used to manufacture many of these doggy treats. Most manufacturers use what is called “essential oils” to give their dog foods a flavor. While these preservatives are generally safe, it is always a good idea to read the ingredient label on the bag to make sure you know exactly what it contains. The preservatives commonly found in these types of foods are BHA and BHT. These are both used in high concentrations to help preserve the crunchy texture and flavor of many dog foods.

A large percentage of the chicken meals, pork products, and beef products sold in stores also contain BHA. While BHT is not commonly found in dog foods, there are several exceptions. Chicken is often mixed with BHA in order to preserve its crunchiness, and because BHA is known to be a skin irritant for dogs, it is frequently included in dog foods to help protect the skin.

Take A Look At The Different Types Of Treats

Now that we’ve gone over the different ingredients that are found in our dog foods, let’s take a look at the different types of treats that can be created with ingredients found in doggy treat recipes. One of the most popular choices made by pet owners is the simple dog biscuit. While these biscuits may contain no sugar, they are still enjoyable to eat. Another option is making your own baked goodies, which can be done quite easily using a sugar-free dog treat recipe.

Homemade treats also include such treats as small beef hooves, or “beef sticks”. Just be sure to soak the beef hooves or beets in water for an hour or more, before cooking. Afterward, you can add your own mixture of spices and herbs to the mixture, or you can simply bake them, before serving. Another easy homemade treat is making small chicken wings by using a bread machine and grilling the wings until they are fully cooked.

Final Words

In addition to the different homemade dog treats mentioned above, another great choice is to use a pre-made cookie mix, such as Doggie Boogies. These cookie mixes are available in many different flavors, so there should be one out there to suit your dog’s tastes. These cookie mixes are available in a variety of sizes, so there will surely be one out there that is just right for your canine friend. Just make sure to read the ingredients listed on the packaging to make sure you are purchasing a product that contains only healthy ingredients. Your dog will thank you for choosing to make his diet a bit healthier.

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