Sugar Free Eggnog Recipes: How to Make a Perfect Recipe For Those on a Diet

sugar free eggnog recipe

What’s better than a dessert that’s both healthy and tastes fantastic? There’s no question about it, especially when it comes to this sugar-free eggnog recipe. You can make this delicious dessert in literally no time at all. To achieve this rich, creamy pudding taste all you have to do is add some simple ingredients and some cooking practice. It really is that easy.

For starters, to make a sugar-free eggnog recipe you must first eliminate all the dairy products from your diet. The last thing you want to do is ingest any dairy products, such as milk or yogurt. Next, you’ll need to eliminate any sugar from your diet. This includes both white and brown sugars.

To get started on your sugar-free eggnog recipe you’ll need a few simple ingredients. Of course, you will need the standard Easter breakfast foods: eggs and butter. Now, you can decide to use other dairy products for your breakfast treat – cream cheese, or even yogurt. Another great alternative is xylitol. You can either eat the xylitol or purchase it in a powdered form to place in your favorite crackers, or simply mix with some warm milk to create your own sugar-free chocolate eclair.


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Next, you’ll need the traditional Easter breakfast foods: ham and butter. Again, there are alternatives, including reduced-fat ham and Swiss cheese, pancake syrup, etc. You can choose any combination of these that you find appealing during the holiday season. A nice alternative is to substitute heavy cream with xylitol. It’s healthier than regular heavy cream and you can also make sugar free chocolate eclairs without any problem.

For your sugar-free eggnog recipe, you can either use fresh eggs or you can also cook them. Many people prefer the latter as cooking the eggs and then frying them in a pan is not very health-friendly. When you cook the eggs, you also remove some of the nutrients and vitamins that were already present in the meat and egg whites. This is why many people these days prefer to cook their eggs and yolks in a pan using low-fat vegetable oil or soybean oil.

A Much Ado

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There are lots of other alternatives to cooking an eggnog recipe that doesn’t involve any type of cooking experience. Using a pressure cooker and then simmering it, for example, is a really easy and low-fat way to create your homemade eggnog recipe. Just remember to use a lid when cooking the mixture as the steam from the pressure cooker can destroy some of the ingredients, especially if you don’t use a pressure cooker.

Another very good sugar-free eggnog recipe that you can try out is to use a very tasty all-purpose sugar-free keto sweetener instead of using a traditional carb keto sweetener. Many people who are trying to lose weight or manage their diabetes will be amazed at how delicious homemade sugar-free keto sweeteners can be. In fact, I personally use both maple syrup and a very tasty all-purpose keto sweetener whenever I make a recipe that calls for one or the other. It adds such a nice flavor to the end product that I sometimes use it in place of both maple syrup and whipped cream. You can also substitute your standard vanilla pudding mix with the sugar-free version and you’ll get the same delicious result. It’s really amazing how much flavor can be added by simply switching up the ingredients in a sugar-free version of one of your favorite recipes.

Bottom Line

Another ingredient that you may have to substitute is powdered sugar which is often used in recipes calling for heavy cream or milk. If you substitute the cellulose for powdered sugar you can eliminate a lot of the calories and the heaviness from the final product. A great way to use a sugar-free version of this recipe is to use it as a base for another recipe, such as banana pudding, which calls for heavy cream or eggs. By using cellulose in place of the regular sugar, you can cut down on the number of calories and fat that are needed to make the pudding. The cellulose is also easily metabolized by your body, which means that there will be little if any leftover during the process, making it easier to lose those extra pounds.

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