Sugar Free Keto Desserts – 3 Recipes You Must Know Before Getting Free Sugar

sugar free keto desserts

It is that time of year again – Halloween! To get the kids in the mood, I decided to whip up some sugar-free keto desserts for them. I thought since Halloween is all about candy, why not create a couple of Halloween recipes for kids that they could eat? Who knows – you might be one of the next celebrity people who get “tricked” out of money while trick or treating! I’m not saying it’s the easiest thing you’ll ever do, but it’s fun, and I think it will pay off for you next year when your kids come home with those sweet Halloween treats.

Sugar Free Keto Desserts: chocolate Praline Pie

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The first recipe I’ll show you is the famous chocolate praline pie. This dessert is so popular and so easy to make that I highly recommend it. The ingredients you need to make this great recipe are; cake mix, pudding mix, cream cheese, sugar-free chocolate, and praline. As you can probably see, the only hard part of this delicious treat is getting the sugar free chocolate from the candy store.

Praline Cookies

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The next recipe I’m going to show you is my sugar-free keto praline cookies. If you’re a fan of cookie cutters like I am, these cookies are a must-try. They are incredibly rich and delicious and will leave your taste buds in ecstasy. The ingredients you need to make this recipe are; flour, butter, chocolate, and brown sugar. There really isn’t any other ingredients needed to prepare this fantastic recipe.

Sugar-Free Pecan Pralines

Another great sugar-free keto dessert to try is sugar-free pecan pralines. These tasty pralines are great for any occasion because they’re both sweet and savory. They’re made by melting the pecans in an electric meat grinder, then mixing them with maple syrup and vanilla to create a delicious sweet and spicy glaze. To create these unique pralines, you’ll need; dried pecan meat, maple syrup, vanilla, and praline.

Sugar-Free Angel Food Cake

Another delicious sugar-free dessert that goes great for any time is my sugar-free angel food cake. This recipe doesn’t use any eggs or other meat products, so it’s a great meal that you can make for any occasion. It has coconut flour which adds a nice texture to the cake as well as making it healthier for you. What you need to do to prepare this incredible keto pecan pralines recipe is to combine softened avocado, maple syrup, lemon juice, and groundnuts. This makes a delicious and healthy dessert that you will be sure to love.

The next delicious sugar-free keto dessert that I’d like to introduce you to are salted butter pralines. Salted butter pralines are very similar to traditional pralines, except it has no eggs and only uses natural sweeteners. What you need to do to prepare this delicious sweet treat is to combine softened butter and cream cheese with praline. Then roll the mixture into little balls and place into an ungreased baking pan, and pop into the oven.

The last thing I’d like to share with you today is my easy to make chocolate praline mixture. This delicious mixture is made by combining chocolate pudding mix with evaporated cane juice, maple syrup, and chocolate chips. What you need to do to prepare this delicious sweet treat is meltdown the cream cheese and maple syrup mixture on a mixing stick, and then add your chips and chocolate chips. Spread the mix evenly onto your baking sheet and pop into the oven at the pre-set temperature. When it comes out, allow it to cool off and then slice into small bars. These sugar-free keto desserts are sure to be a big hit at any event you plan to attend this summer!

Bottom Line

Finally, I’d like to share the last type of sugar-free Keto dessert I have for you today. It’s called golden caramel popcorn. To make this caramel popcorn, all you need is some butter, a bottle of your favorite caramel popcorn syrup, and a food-grade, non-stick metal spoon. Simply mix up the popcorn syrup with the butter and spoon into your safe microwave container. Once the popcorn reaches its hot boiling point, stir it until the popcorn begins to pop. It’s guaranteed to be a huge hit at your next cookout!

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