Sugar Free Pie Recipe And Other Ideas You Should Explore

A piece of cake sitting on top of a wooden table

A pie is a delicious baked dish made of fruits, meats, and vegetables. It fills our taste buds with its sweet, delicious taste. This sweet delicious treat has been around since ancient Egyptians. They are made in every other household. They can be made in various ways, with several fruits and meat. It leaves a savoring taste in our mouths. They are consumed in many parts of the world and America, it is quite a popular dish. In America, it is made at every family gathering or special occasion. The most popular pie that is made there is apple pie. There is a famous saying in the USA, “there are few things as American as apple pie”. On average, all Americans eat 150 pounds each year. But not everyone can eat this sweet dish because of the sugar. If you want to eat pie but don’t because of your health, you don’t have to worry. You can make it sugar-free!. Here is the best sugar-free pie recipe:


A piece of cake sitting on top of a table

Frozen apple juice

Cornstarch- 1 ½ tbsp

Ground Cinnamon- 1 tsp

crust pie – 2

Thinly sliced peeled tart apples- 8 cups

Butter- 1 tbsp


A close up of a slice of pizza

The first step is to place the freely cut apples and apple juice in a large pan. Heat it till it is boiled on a high-medium flame. Then reduce the heat and cover, and simmer for 5 min. 

Mix starch in water and pour it into the apple mixture

Then boil it again. 

Reduce the heat, cover the pan, and simmer for 10 to 15 minutes or till the apples begin to soften. 

Mix cinnamon in the mixture and keep it aside for cooling down. 

Place the crust on a plate. 

Pour the apple mixture on the pie crust and spread it. Cover it with top crust

Microwave it for 45 minutes at 350 degrees. 

Take out the baked pie and brush it with melted butter. 


Before making a pie, always remember to keep all the ingredients cold. Do not heat the crust and refrigerate it. The butter shouldn’t be melted, otherwise, it wouldn’t give a good taste. Do not let butter heat up before applying. 

Always remember to cool the filling of apple pie completely. It is good for the crust. Also, it will prevent the filling from liquifying. 

Always be careful while spreading the sugar-free apple pie filling on the top of the base crust. Spread it evenly for better results. 

In the last 5 minutes of baking, add shredded cheese. It goes great with apple pie. It also makes the flavor savory. Spread the cheese evenly on the top of the apple pie. 

How To Store It? 

The best place to store sugar-free apple pie is your refrigerator. Wrap it in aluminum foil or plastic wrap and keep it in the pie pan. You can even cut its slices and store them in an airtight container. The sugar-free apple pie can only be stored for a maximum of 4-5 days. After that, through it in the dustbin and do not consume it.


This recipe helps you to make a delicious sugar-free pie in the comfort of your home. It is an easy sugar free pie recipe that anyone can easily make. So next time when your guests come, you know what to make.

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