Sugar Free Puddings Recipe To Try Out

sugar free puddings recipe

Is there anyone on this globe who doesn’t love puddings? Not in my opinion! Although, there are people who crave puddings but cannot intake one daily due to sugar predicaments. We want a healthy body that is fat-free and looks good, so we will not make mistakes by eating puddings loaded with sugars to accumulate more fat, right?

Thankfully, we have some recipes that contain natural sweeteners that do not escalate our weight and sugar problems as processed sugar does.

For all those who are worried and have extremely intolerant cravings for delicious and mouth-watering puddings, presenting you certain sugar-free pudding recipes to try out at your home and feed your taste buds what they are longing for.

Recipe To Make Sugar Free Vanilla Pudding With Fresh Toppings Of Strawberries

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Ingredients You Should Be Having Inside Your House:

· Two cups of any milk of your choice (I would suggest using almond milk)

· 1/4th tablespoon of salt

· Nearly ½ cup more milk of your wish mixed along with 2 to 3 tablespoons of cornstarch, you can measure it, and the desired measurement should be 23 grams nearly.

· Pure vanilla extract is needed of ¾ tablespoon.

· Stevia as a sweetening agent. Use 1/8 tablespoon of stevia.

· Two tablespoons of butter for spreading, it is optional, if you want to cut down calories, do not use it.

If any of the mentioned ingredients are missing in your house, you know what to do. Grab your car keys and visit the nearest store to get them as soon as possible, as this recipe will turn out to be the most delicious and super healthy pudding recipe you are about to eat.

Instructions For Preparation:

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Sugar-free and delicious pudding recipe will include the following steps of instructions while preparing:

· Use a saucepan to heat 2 cups of milk you have taken. Keep stirring the milk.

· Meanwhile, using a whisker, whisk ½ cup of milk, we have taken extra along with cornstarch powder to make a fine paste.

· When the milk is entirely warm, pour this mixture of cornstarch and milk into the warm milk.

· When boiling will be started, you have to keep stirring it constantly for nearly 3 to 4 minutes.

· Lower the flames to let the mixture simmer.

· Let it simmer for few more minutes at low flame.

· Turn the heat off.

· Stir again by adding the remaining ingredients we had taken for few minutes.

· Let it cool entirely, keeping it outside at room temperature.

· After it has cool down, and the consistency became a little thick; you may place it in a refrigerator and enjoy the delicious pudding after a few hours of cooling down.


This recipe is easy to prepare and requires very few ingredients, mostly which of them are present in your kitchen’s cooking arena. Enjoy the pudding with your favorite movies and favorite people.

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