Sugar-Free Recipes You Have To Try- 2 Best Recipes

In the age that we live in, dessert is not only an indulgence. With the different kinds of lifestyles and diets, desserts are customizable to fit into each and every one. One such dessert is the sugar-free fudge. It is a simple sugar-free recipes yet elegant dessert that can now be healthy too. Firstly, it is not intimidating to make low- carb fudge. Just make sure you stick to order and streamline the process according to your convenience. Gather all the ingredients that you will need to make the fudge. Make sure you go through the entire recipe first to verify if you’re missing out on anything. In most of the methods, you only have to mix everything, stir and freeze it.

Here Are Two Sugar-free Fudge Recipes That You Can Try:

Keto Chocolate Peanut Butter Sugar-Free Fudge

Dairy and dessert usually go hand in hand-in-hand. This is not possible in the keto diet, which shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a good fudge. You can make a dairy and sugar-free fudge. You can make this by using your regular keto butter and peanut butter.

First, you will need to melt the butter and the chocolate.

Second, you will add in the peanut butter and the powdered sweetener.

You can also add vanilla extract to the mixture.

Do not forget to line the container with parchment paper.

Take a baking dish that you will use to set the fudge in.

Next, pour the mixture into a small container to set in the freezer.

The sugar-free fudge usually takes about 2 hours until its firm and ready for consumption.

Sugar-Free Recipes You Have To Try- 2 Best Recipes

Sugar-Free Recipes You Have To Try- 2 Best Recipes

Sugar-Free Chocolate Fudge- Sugar-Free Recipes


One pound of unsweetened baker’s chocolate, which you will have to chop coarsely.

One and 3/4th cups of evaporated milk

Three and ½ cups of granular sucralose sweetener, like Splenda

One cup of chopped walnuts, if you desire.

Sugar-Free Recipes You Have To Try- 2 Best Recipes

Sugar-Free Recipes You Have To Try- 2 Best Recipes

How To Make The Fudge–Sugar-Free Recipes

Line an 8-inch square baking pan with aluminum foil.

Second, you will reduce the chocolates until it is finely chopped.

In the microwave, you will pour the evaporated milk. Add in the sweetener, half cup at a time, until it entirely dissolves. Don’t forget to add in one teaspoon of vanilla extract to the mixture. Lastly, you will add the coarsely chopped chocolate to the sugar-free fudge.

While heating the mixture in the microwave, do so in 30-second intervals. You have to stir the mixture after each interval. Moreover, you continue to do this until the chocolate is fully melted and smooth, which should happen in about two minutes. After this, you add in the walnuts.

Finally, in the assembly, you must pour out the mixture into the baking pan.The sugar-free fudge needs to be refrigerated until it is firm. It usually takes about two hours for it so become so.However, when it’s ready, you can cut it into one and ½ inch squares, and they are ready to be relished.

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