Super Easy And Tasty Sugar Free Treats Recipes For A Healthy Life

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Did you know that the craving for sweets is most often due to not eating enough? So eat a hearty breakfast, lunch, and dinner and ensure that the meal intervals do not stretch too long. These healthy energy balls work well as a snack and work when the sugar tooth is ruthlessly knocked out. They get their sweetness from dates, a healthy protein kick from nuts.

The Smoothie Bowl

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The fruits and berries themselves are wonderfully sweet, and the soft and spoonable smoothie spun from them is relatively healthy to enjoy. The Smoothie Bowl is a real morning energy bomb on which you can pile your senses from berries and fruits to nuts and coconut chips. A hearty breakfast keeps hunger at bay for a long time, and craves sweets very well.


A bowl of fruit on a plate

Would you think that porridge can taste like a carrot cake? Healthy and delicious carrot porridge is suitable for those whose sweet teeth are cut in the morning. Grate the carrot with the porridge and add cinnamon, ginger, and a drop of honey as a spice. When you cook porridge in almond milk and choose gluten-free oatmeal, porridge also meets the requirements of many other “ton-ton diets.”

Lemon Cake

If you make a cake, you will almost always find sugar in it; however, you can still make one without sugar. The yellow cake recipe is straightforward, and the whole process is as simple as starting with a sugar-free yellow cake mix. Place fresh lemon juice in a medium bowl and add fresh lemon zest. Let it sit in the fridge for 30 minutes or so, then combine with sugar-free strawberry sauce on top. Your family will enjoy it.

Cool Whip Yogurt Pie

The Cool Whip yogurt pie is a no-bake recipe, and it is hard to resist. You can choose the flavor of yogurt you order in the restaurant. So you can either pick up your favorite or mix your taste. It’s great for that last dessert as a dessert as it only requires 20 minutes in the refrigerator.

Raw Biscuits

These raw biscuits capture the lusts of a biscuit mouse. Their sweetness comes from dried dates and cranberries, as well as a larva of maple syrup. Instead of white wheat flour, the dough is ground with almonds and coconut flakes. Because the biscuits are put in the fridge instead of the oven to solidify, they are also tasted with the Guarantee for those who think that eating the dough is best for baking.

Blackcurrant Tartlets

Blackcurrant tartlets without an oven are real health bombs, as their base is made of nuts, dates, and coconut, while the creamy soft filling is squeezed from cashews and blackcurrants. Grind the ingredients in a blender, set the dough in the molds, and then place in the fridge for a while to solidify – if you grind!

The Last On The List: Brown-Spotted Bananas

Believe it or not, you can tame the ice cream mood easily and quickly with a couple of brown-spotted bananas – as long as you’ve already sliced ​​them in your freezer. In addition to these, you will need chocolate-banana ice cream with raw cocoa powder, peanut butter, a couple of dates for sweetening, and a blender, and five minutes. If the bananas are completely frozen, you can thaw them for a while or add a drop of coconut drink to the set, making them easier to puree.

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