The Most Easy Way To Peel Garlic

Peel Garlic

It is always better to use chemicals in extracting garlic instead of the manual method. The chemicals also give you complete control over the yield. Read further to learn how to peel garlic in the fastest way possible.

A commercial peeler is available at your local store. You can also use a meat grinder or a vegetable peeler, which you can buy at the local farmer’s market. The problem with these devices is that they tend to peel off the skin first, which makes the whole process takes much longer.

Peel Garlic

Steps to peel garlic

There is an organic technique that is now available for garlic, and this is by using boiling water. The materials that you need including a good plastic container (such as a potato tin), fresh lemons and fresh garlic. You can also use a stainless steel container if you prefer.

Step 1

Now, prepare all the materials before adding the first ingredient, salt, and vinegar. Pour the two substances in the container and cover them with some lint-free cloth. Next, remove all the lemons from the lemon wedges. Remember, they are naturally acidic so, you will need to add additional lemon juice to compensate. Now cover the whole thing with a lid or a piece of cheesecloth and leave it in a warm place, but not in direct sunlight.

Step 2

Now add the second ingredient, which is salt. Make sure that the salt is lukewarm and that it does not contain any chemical additives. If it is too cold, it will kill the bacteria present in the lemons. Sprinkle salt into the container and place the lemon, with the skin still attached, inside. Cover the whole thing with a lid or cheesecloth and leave it in a warm place, but not in direct sunlight.

Step 3

Leave the garlic, with the outer skin on, for twenty-four hours. Then peel it gently, using a knife with a curved blade, using only one direction. You can use a wet piece of cloth to make a point on the skin.

Peel Garlic

Step 4

Now you need to peel off the inner layer of the skin by using a knife with a straight blade. Do not touch the outside of the skin with the blunt blade of the knife. You should also be careful not to scrape off the skin.

Step 5

Now just tear off the pieces of the lemons. Peel off as much as you can without damaging the skin. Keep repeating this step until you have peeled all the layers of the lemons and the garlic. Next, cut off the entire top surface of the garlic by using the knife.

Step 6

Peel off the peeled skin using a knife. Remember, do not touch the flesh around the outer edges as this could burn your hands.

Step 7

Finally, peel off the outer skin using the remaining part of the peeler. You should repeat this process until all the lemons and garlic are peeled. Remove the peeler and leave the containers of lemons and garlic covered with covers.

Step 8

The next step is to add water to the containers to produce the lemonade. Put the lemons and garlic into the lemons and garlic mixture and pour enough water into the lemons and garlic into the container. Then, place a lid on the container and leave it for 24 hours.

Peel Garlic


When you open the container, you will find a perfectly peeled lemon peel. A handful of ground almonds will form a few milligrams of fiber and these two ingredients can be taken to the diet. Another alternative is to add the lemons and garlic to a salad, but you should be careful not to take more than one serving at a time.

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