What You Need To Know About Sugar Free Caramels

sugar free caramels recipe

Sugar free caramels are a very popular item on the shelves of supermarkets and grocery stores. Most people enjoy eating caramels, especially those that are manufactured without any sugar added. These products have helped many diabetics to manage their blood sugar better. Unfortunately, many people still consume these types of caramels without knowing they are not healthy for them. For those who are interested in how to prepare caramels that are sugar free, there are some recipes that you may find helpful.

Firstly, you need to do is to cleanse your kitchen cabinets and kitchen countertops. Then, you should throw away anything that is made from sugar, including any bottles of juice, pie mix, white sugar or honey. You should also discard any candy and sweets that you have used in the last two days. Throw all of this away, because it will only cause you more damage. It is best to remove everything out of the cabinet and store it somewhere safe, such as your refrigerator.

When you are cleaning out your cabinets and countertop, you will want to ensure that you remove all of the items that you can. This will make it easier for you to determine how much sugar free caramels you actually have left. You should have about two to three cups of syrup left on the cabinets and countertop before you throw them away. In addition to the sugar-free caramels, you should also have maple syrup, molasses or agave nectar.

You Need To Buy Pure Maple Syrup Or Molasses

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Next, you need to purchase pure maple syrup or molasses. It is important that you find a high quality product because sugar attracts yeast. Therefore, if you want to avoid Candida, you should also avoid using sugar. However, if you like sweet tastes, you may use these products.

If you do not use sugar in your recipe, but still like a sweet taste, you can use honey instead. Honey has been proven to be just as sweet as sugar. However, you will need to make sure that it is 100% pure honey. Using honey will also raise the nutritional value of your meals.

Another ingredient that you will need is liquid caramel. The type of caramel that you buy should be the caramel that comes from the pit of a cacao bean. This type of caramel is healthier than traditional caramel, which is made from sugar cane. If you want to have both types of caramels, you can mix equal parts of both caramel syrups and molasses.

You Also Need To Buy Nectar

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The last ingredient that you need to buy is nectar. It will be best if you can find agave syrup that is organic. Since sugar has diabetics problems, organic sugar free caramels are the best option. Agave nectar does not have any calories, and it is a natural sweetener that is good for diabetics.

Caramel is a delicious dessert that is easy to prepare, but it does have its disadvantages. As long as you follow the tips mentioned above, you can also have a sugar free version of caramels. However, if you cannot find the sweetener that you are looking for at the store, or if you are unable to adjust your recipe, you can order it online.

Sugar Free Caramels Usually Tastes A Little Different

The downside of using sugar free caramels is that it usually tastes a little bit different. You can also use sugar substitutes in order to make them taste just as good. You may also have to settle for lower quality caramels if you cannot find sugar-free versions of the recipe that you love.

If you want to go for diabetic friendly desserts, you can also ask the diabetic friendly catering company to make them for you. The staff can also help you plan a menu for your special day so that you will not run out of things to serve. Just tell them the ingredients that you want, and they should be able to replicate them.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of sugar-free recipes for desserts. You just have to be patient when cooking and try not to over complicate things. If you cannot get enough sugar free caramels, you can also try making them at home. You can find lots of sugar free preserves, jellies, ice cream mixes, cakes and other sweets in the market. If you want a taste of home made desserts, you can search the Internet for sugar free recipes.

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