Which Are The Best Sugar Free Foods?

Which Are the Best Sugar Free Foods?

All food is not created equal when it comes to Sugar-Free Foods. We often find ourselves confused about which ones are safe and which ones are not. Take the time to read up on these foods and find out what some of the pros and cons are.

Sugar Free Chocolate: There are many places you can find Sugar Free Chocolate, but only the best make it with real cocoa powder. If you like dark chocolate, you can look for Kosher chocolate to choose from. With all the other types of Sugar-Free Foods that are sweetened with aspartame and many others. Don’t be afraid to use Dark Chocolate instead of the other ones listed.

Some Important Facts About Sugar Free Foods

Sugar-Free Ice Cream: This has become a very popular item. You can easily find it at almost any ice cream shop in your area. It should be sold with ingredients labeled. You can compare the labels to see which one is healthier. In many cases, this is also the case with Protein Bars, Energy Bars, Coffee Creamers, and others.

Which Are the Best Sugar Free Foods?
Which Are the Best Sugar Free Foods?

Sugar Free Cereals: Cereals are a good source of carbohydrates so they can help your body burn more calories. In the event that the price of this type of food is a bit high. Try the product known as a “Low Fat Gluten-Free Cereal.” This will save you a lot of money.

Sugar-Free Breakfast Bar: These bars usually have some fruit. Have more flavor and less sugar than your standard breakfast bar. Make sure that they do not include one of the artificial preservatives like Sweet and Low or Nestle’s Ready-to-Drink Puddings. They could put you at risk for a sugar intolerance.

Sugar-Free Foods Recipes

Sugar-Free Milk: For years, milk has been a mainstay in keeping our favorite treats in balance. The answer has come in the form of Milk Ice Cream and Low FatMilk in many flavors and varieties.

Low Carb Frozen Yogurt: Made of unflavored, full fat, high fiber, nonfat yogurt, low carb frozen yogurt is an easy way to get the taste and benefits of yogurt without the dairy. It is high in calcium, vitamin D, potassium, and fatty acids and is a great low-calorie snack. Keep in mind that the label will list the specific percentage of fat and other ingredients.

Sugar-Free Crackers: When you choose to buy preservative-free crackers, you are taking a step toward taking care of yourself by reducing the amount of sugar that you take in daily. Make sure that you check the nutrition facts and list the preservatives, however, so you don’t fall into the trap of eating too much of the ingredient. You can easily find great brand names, but always remember that most of them still contain sugar.

Which Are the Best Sugar Free Foods?
Which Are the Best Sugar Free Foods?

Sugar-Free Pancakes

Sugar-Free Pancakes: You have a variety of choices when it comes to making these types of cakes. Your best bet is to buy store-bought Low Carb Pancake Mix or you can also buy the product known as “Double Stuff” which contains a little less sugar than regular pancake mix but makes them healthy.

Sugar Free Hard Candy: You can find sugar free hard candy just about anywhere; all you need to do is ask for sugar free hard candy and then find the ingredients label. In many cases, this will show a tiny small print that tells you the percentage of sugar.

Sugar-Free Puddings: Many people love this dessert because it has a vibrant taste, and it does not have too much sugar. To enjoy it as a treat, it needs to be made from the sweetened stuff but with one of the low carb sweeteners like stevia or xylitol.

Bottom Line

Sugar-Free Coffee: Starbucks Puffed Cappuccino and other companies have started adding low-sugar flavoring to their coffee drinks to meet demand. It may be worth making the switch to one of the others to ensure you get the real taste of coffee without the sugar.

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