Why Vegan Peanut Butter Treats Are Sugar Free

vegan peanut butter treats sugar free

There are some good vegan peanut butter treats out there, but if you’re not careful you can find vegan versions of the traditional treat. While the flavor and nutritional value are similar, vegan versions usually lack one important ingredient: sugar. Since sugar is a significant source of calories, many dieters find that they do better on healthier foods. Sugar free foods can be just as tasty and just as nutritious as their traditional counterparts, so many vegans choose to skip it. That’s a shame, because sugar free treats can have a number of benefits over their sugar-based equivalents.

Alternatives For Sugar

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While you can’t completely get away from sugar, there are some alternatives that don’t involve it in your sugar free version. For example, honey is a natural sweetener and can provide a delicious, healthy alternative to sugar. The absence of sugar also means a lack of calories, another significant source of which is found in sugar. Honey is a good choice because it doesn’t use any artificial ingredients, like corn syrup or fructose.

There are plenty of sugar-free desserts and snacks out there, too. If you enjoy smoothies, ice cream, yogurt, or other dairy based products, you can still enjoy them sugar free. Just switch to a sugar free version of your favorite dessert. If you prefer starchy products, opt for a sugar alternative, such as rice flour or tapioca. Even breads, crackers, and cookies can be enjoyed in their sugar-free versions.

Make Your Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie In Your Desired Color

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If you’re in the make your chocolate peanut butter cookie and frost it in your desired color, make your chocolate peanut butter cookie and frost it in your desired color. There’s no sugar added, so this is one very versatile recipe that you can enjoy. There are no refined sugars, so you don’t have to worry about the health implications of consuming too much sugar. It can be very tempting to buy frozen cookie dough, so if you don’t feel like making your own you can purchase sugar free cookies from most grocery stores and bakeshops. They usually won’t taste the same as ones that you make at home anyway!

Sugar Substitutes Worse Than Real Butter

There are many ways that sugar substitutes can actually be worse than real butter. Some are even nutritionally worse than regular butter. They contain no nutrients, which makes them more likely to accumulate fat. For example, many sugar free peanut butter cookies have very little flavor, almost no taste at all. The addition of sugar may disguise the lack of flavor, but it will also clog your arteries and increase your risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. These are serious problems that you don’t need to let happen.

Before you decide that a sugar free version of your favorite dessert is a bad idea, ask yourself why you would substitute it in the first place. Would you eat a regular peanut butter cookie that has had sugar added? Probably not. But most people who follow a vegan diet would probably be willing to do this if it means they don’t have to go through the trouble of eating healthy or having to learn how to cook vegetables properly. Besides, there’s usually nothing wrong with using a sugar alternative if it doesn’t replace what you’re eating.

Last Words

If you’re wondering why many people find it hard to commit to a vegan diet, it may be because it’s so difficult for them to imagine they don’t have any taste of meat, dairy, or eggs. Even though many people who are on a vegan diet don’t consider themselves to be vegetarian, they often struggle with the lack of taste in their diets. When you make vegan peanut butter cookies or other desserts, the only taste you’re eliminating is that of the sugar and flour used in the recipe. The rest of the meal is as enjoyable as it could be, whether you’re having it for lunch or dinner.

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