Yogurt Maker: The Sweet Secret Of How To Go Sugar-Free

Keeping a healthy diet has always been a struggle for many of us. The moment you put yourself out there to start a healthy meal and exercise plan, it all goes down the drain just as quickly. It just seems impossible to quit sugar. The one thing that is causing major weight gain to our bodies. However, there’s a solution to this. You CAN quit the sweet. Why not have a yogurt maker at home to replace buying all those pastries and desserts loaded with sugar. It’s a start!

Yogurt Maker: The Sweet Secret Of How To Go Sugar-Free

Yogurt Maker: The Sugar-Free Myth

There are whispers down the grapevine from your grandmother’s grandmother than unhealthy sugar is okay. Those pastries and chocolates will help you gain energy. To add, they can keep you awake just as much as caffeine can.

Nope. This is not true. Absolutely not. Although sugar WILL give you that sudden boost of energy because of a “sugar-high.” On the other hand, bad sugars burn very quickly in our bodies. So just when you think you can be on-the-go after eating a bunch of candies, think again. Because that sudden boost won’t last for long.

Good Sugar VS. Bad Sugar

Yes, there’s such a thing as sugar that’s actually good for you. Sugar your body needs. The problem lies in the fact that we often consume more bad sugar than good.

To make the differences even more differentiated, let’s call them Natural and Added.

Natural sugars, with that first word itself, means it comes from unprocessed food. You got it. Natural food such as fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts, etc. Also, they are known as simple sugars. Additionally, a lot of natural foods are full of nutrients and fibers which help slow down digestion. By doing so, properly converting carbs into energy, and breaking down fat at the right pace. That’s less weight gain.

Added sugars are, just as you’ve predicted, artificial. They are considered complex sugars and take longer to process in our system. In relation to this, we gain weight faster with this type of sugar.

How To Quit Sugar Now

So should you do it? Simple. Just do it. And we’re not trying to campaign a brand of rubber shoes that’s already in your mind right now. But really, just do it.

Yogurt Maker: Sugar-Filled Pastries, Snacks, And Desserts

Avoid them. You see, 18% of added sugar are found in these craving-satisfying yet unhealthy food. Doughnuts, cakes, ice cream. Packed cupcakes, cookies, wafers, and whatnot.

Yogurt Maker: The Sweet Secret Of How To Go Sugar-Free

Instead, replace them with fruits and nuts. Dark chocolates are a good alternative for milk chocolate. Plus, they taste good, too! Super in want of ice cream? Why not go for yogurt? It’s just as satisfying, without the added sugars adding to your weight.

Yogurt Maker: Don’t Drink Your Sugar

Artificially sweetened drinks are high in sugar. And because they’re already in liquid form, your body will process them even more quickly than non-liquids. Equivalently, these will be converted into stored fat that will not be helpful in your journey of shedding off those pounds.

Set aside those flavored, colored sodas you so love having. Juices and sweetened dairy drinks. Drink water. Plenty of it. If you’re in deep craving of something more than the universal solvent, take time to use a juicer with real fruits as your base.

Yogurt Maker: Simply Eat Healthier

Remember your food pyramid. Furthermore, don’t skip your protein. The old myth that protein adds to our weight? Nah. Protein actually curs our appetite, without messing up our digestive system.

Stock up on meats, eggs, fish, etc. Of course, the key is the word “balanced.” Always take your balanced meals in a balanced way. In the same manner, balance how much protein you eat with your fruits and veggies.

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